Transformation Consultant

Your Role:

You will be accountable for designing and delivering specific client Transformation Journeyswhere you will contract socially, emotionally and rationally with our clients to ensure alignment of expectations. You will also provide leadership and capability development opportunities for colleagues who are in the Design Team.

In partnership with our colleagues who have content and project management expertise, you will ensure problems are scoped, and the project’s aspirations can be achieved on time and within budget in a way that exceeds client expectations and creates delight.

Every Coeuraj project is a unique journey for the people who participate in it. Your specific role is to be Accountable for the design of that journey. This includes selecting from a range of Design Thinking and Systems Thinking methodologies to create both synchronous and asynchronous ‘modules’ of work that unfold over time.

You will work to help manage a team of designers to ensure they understand their roles and are enabled to contribute to and support the journey creatively. In addition, you will be accountable for leading the facilitation of both overall client transformation journeys along with key events and interventions (synchronous and asynchronous) along the way.

Depending on client needs, this will likely include working in partnership with a client to:

  • Identify underlying challenges, needs, and system dynamics;
  • Gather data from the system to deepen understanding of the context;
  • Engage client partners in the analysis of data from their system;
  • Leverage data to drive action plannings;
  • Facilitate large synchronous events or interventions with diverse stakeholders using virtual collaboration tools, or enable others to facilitate smaller, less complex sessions and asynchronous events; and support and coach organizational leaders through the process.

Our ‘Systems Navigators’ (content experts) understand the industries and sectors in which your projects are based. You will have a close working relationship with them and ensure that their trust-based network of relationships has a profound experience of a different way to solve problems. The Systems Navigation team will be able to provide the context and insight required to operate effectively.

By working closely with our Project Managers, you will ensure project ambitions can be delivered to the required levels of quality, budget, and timeline, including estimating time and effort of proposals and the delivery of existing scopes of work.

Your Resume:

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in a Lead Consultant role or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree or college certificate in a relevant field, such as Organizational Development, Strategic Foresight, Business, Innovation and, Strategic Design & Management, Organizational and Human Behaviour, or equivalent
  • Experience in gathering and using data, in partnership with clients, to drive actions
  • Significant experience in facilitating high stakes events, workshops and/or conferences both physically and virtually
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time, within scope, and within budget in a variety of sectors
  • Experience working in a remote environment and using asynchronous collaboration and communication tools for yourself and with groups
  • You are known to be highly results-focused while maintaining good collaborative working relationships with the people you work with
  • You are also known for partnering with clients in a way that holds their desired outcomes sacred while balancing project control and accountability for delivery

What You Offer:

Design and facilitation skills: You know how to take a group of diverse participants on a journey to achieve shared outcomes and create tangible outputs. You use a range of tools and processes to enable this from fields, including Design Thinking and Systems Thinking.

Ability to manage complexities and challenges: You know when and how to ask for support and appropriately involve others to help solve issues. You manage problems and crises in a way that instills calm and inspires team and client confidence. You’re a natural collaborator and work closely with your colleagues to navigate complexity.

Communications and relationship management skills: You connect with people around you by listening to their needs and engaging them in a way that they see those needs are met. You are equally comfortable and adept at connecting with people in short hallway conversations or big boardroom presentations. You also have the ability to communicate clearly and influentially in writing.
Cultural Agility: You have a demonstrated ability to quickly, comfortably, and successfully work in cross-cultural and international environments.

Knowledge of Project Management Processes, Tools and Technologies: As you work with the team to deliver a Watershed Project, you demonstrate an understanding of project delivery concepts and tools and are able to select and implement the right approach at the right time.

Great Team Skills: You are both a team leader and a team player. You work with others to create an effective working environment and contribute positively to the organization’s culture. You contribute to knowledge sharing and capture within the team. You know how and when to step in and lead the team. You are equally comfortable defining your role as a member in support of others, actively connecting with others to understand their needs and sharing your knowledge and expertise in ways that ensure everyone around you can succeed.

Resilience: You will work in a very dynamic environment. The people we work with are facing the most challenging problems that the world offers. It’s emotional work and will require you to be highly self-aware and self-regulating. Success in this environment will come with the ability to cope effectively with the stress and challenges present when working with other people who may be learning to cope with what’s in front of them.

Client Relationship Skills: You understand Watershed’s key offerings, articulate our value proposition, and act as an ambassador in all client interactions. You know when and how to apply Watershed offerings and can articulate value propositions and brand promise to clients, partners and internal teams. This knowledge means you are able to participate in BD and pipeline activities.

What We Offer In Return:

  • The chance to be an early joiner in a young company that’s rapidly growing into a unique position where we can enable real progressive change in the world.
  • A work environment where you can be your whole and honest self. We don’t believe in hiring for culture “fit.” We’re more interested in how you will add to our existing culture and help shape our future.
  • We encourage and incentivize all employees to seek professional development opportunities that support their learning and growth.
  • A generous annual allowance is provided to all employees in order to create and maintain a safe and comfortable workspace.
  • We believe all systems require rest, including our organization. Therefore, we go offline for two weeks in December/January of each year, during which employees continue to receive their salary. Each employee also earns three weeks of paid time off per year and paid personal days to use as they see fit.
  • We offer all employees extended health benefits.

Because we understand that great relationships aren’t formed overnight, we want to ensure the time is taken on our end and on that of the candidate to get to know each other honestly.

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