Lead Data Scientist

Who we are

We are a transformation practice. We help people address change by finding solutions they hold within themselves.

What we do

The best outcomes emerge from taking in the widest range of viewpoints. We get there using tools that leverage the richness and complexity of human interaction, including collaborative design, data science, and strategic foresight.

Why we do it

We believe our work is not only transformative for our clients, but is fundamental to solving the complex global problems humanity faces today.

The Role

Coeuraj has spent a decade building collaboration frameworks that leverage the richness and complexity of human interaction to help people address change. The Data Science function allows us to bring more extensive and diverse vantage points into the discussion to uncover the biases and mental models rooted within systems. These insights will inform the actions needed to transform systems. By measuring language patterns over time, we can determine whether the actions taken are transforming the system and where adjustments need to be made.

Our ideal Principal Data Scientist is an experienced people leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who has successfully assembled outstanding teams. We are looking for the kind of person who will champion using Data Science differently, who will help change existing mental models on where Data Science fits into our organization, how we use it in our work, and how we see Data Science in the world. We want someone who cares about helping people see themselves through multiple lenses (e.g. emotional, worldviews, mental models, cognitive biases, drives, etc.), empowering people, teams and systems to better understand themselves.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about turning raw language data from complex conversations into imaginable and actionable solutions that our organization can use to help solve our world’s complex problems. Our ideal candidate wants to do Data Science differently.

What you Offer

Experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Graph Algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing (a must-have)
  • Complex Systems Theory
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Role Outcomes

You will develop practices and models that use language data as an instrument for transformational system change.

You will co-create tools and methodologies to listen to what people are saying about the systems they are operating in so that critical areas for change can be identified.

You will visualize data in ways that are rooted in theory and innovation practice to uncover leverage points of highest impact for systemic transformation.

What we Offer in Return

  • The chance to be an early joiner in a young company rapidly growing into a unique position where we can enable real progressive change in the world.
  • A work environment where you can be your whole and honest self. We don’t believe in hiring for culture “fit.” We’re more interested in how you will add to our existing culture and help shape our future.
  • We encourage and incentivize all employees to seek professional development opportunities that support their learning and growth.
  • A generous annual allowance is provided to all employees in order to create and maintain a safe and comfortable workspace.
  • We believe all systems require rest, including our organization. Therefore, we go offline for two weeks in December/January of each year, during which employees continue to receive their salary. Each employee also earns three weeks of paid time off per year and paid personal days to use as they see fit.
  • We offer all employees extended health benefits, including an EAP and a Wellness Spending Account.

Because we understand that great relationships aren’t formed overnight, we want to ensure the time is taken on our end and on that of the candidate to get to know each other honestly.

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