We help people address change by finding the solutions they hold within themselves.


We believe our work is not only transformative for our clients, but it is fundamental to solving the complex, global problems humanity faces today.


Coeuraj exists to build a more inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable world.


Global Leadership

Tyl van Toorn-6642.jpg

Tyl van Toorn

CEO & Co-founder
Duncan MacRae-6653.jpg

Duncan MacRae

President and Co-founder
Sohini Roy.jpg

Sohini Roy

Charlie Ursell.jpg

Charlie Ursell

Managing Partner, Practice
Michele Fenlon.jpg

Michele Fenlon

Head of Technologies
Dan Pujdak.jpg

Dan Pujdak

Executive Director, Canada
Dane Erickson-2.jpg

Dane Erickson

Executive Director, USA
Amanda Mynott-7056.jpg

Amanda Mynott

Head of Operations
Jaqueline Wong-7046.jpg

Jacqueline Wong

Director of Corporate Services


Adam Shaw -7127.jpg

Adam Shaw

Researcher & Data Scientist
Amanda Galvin-6936.jpg

Amanda Galvin

Administrative Coordinator & People Operations Generalist
Anna Campbell-6403.jpg

Anna Campbell

Associate Designer
Angie Fleming.jpg

Angie Fleming

Data Humanist
Aday Sami-Orungbe.jpg

Ayomide Sami-Orungbe

Process Designer
Azariah Critell.jpg

Azariah Critell

Administrative Coordinator, USA
Emma Pickering-7001.jpg

Emma Pickering

Executive Coordinator
Bonnie Leask.jpg

Bonnie Leask

Director, Indigenous Engagements, Canada
Brayden Neill.jpg

Brayden Neill

IT Operations Manager
Brendan de Montigny.jpg

Brendan de Montigny

Communications Strategy Manager
Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 6.27 1.png

Celia Pankhurst

Corporate Communications Manager
Elena Dudarenko-26396.jpg

Elena Dudarenko

Project Manager
Gina Doxator.jpg

Gina Doxtator

Associate Director
Heather Lejeune-7177.jpg

Heather Lejeune

Project Portfolio Manager
Jennifer Houle.jpg

Jennifer Houle

People Operations Manager
John Hibble-6764.jpg

John Hibble

Transformation Lead
Jonathan English.jpg

Jonathan English

Advisor, Canada
Jordan Peterson.jpg

Jordan Peterson

Independent Advisor
Jorge Estrada.jpg

Jorge Estrada

Business Development Advisor
Julia Monaghan.jpg

Julia Monaghan

Transformation Lead
Kate Heron.jpg

Kate Heron

Proposal Manager
Kevin Martin.jpg

Kevin Martin

Manager, International Programs, USA
Kelly Kornet.jpg

Kelly Kornet

Design Lead
Kristi Thiele-26398.jpg

Kristi Thiele

Accounting Coordinator
Mike MacDonell.jpg

Mike MacDonell

Director, Civil Society, Canada
Rachel Arsenault.jpg

Rachel Arsenault

Advisor, Canada
Riley Wong.jpg

Riley Wong

Strategic Communications Advisor, Canada
Ruslan Hetu.jpg

Ruslan Hetu

Jr. Data Humanist
Ryan Eller.jpg

Ryan Eller

Director, USA
Scott Cavan.jpg

Scott Cavan

Director, Sustainable Economies, Canada
Tabatha Soltay.jpg

Tabatha Soltay

Design Lead
Tai Cochran.jpg

Tai Cochran

Business Development Consultant
Tamara Kerr.jpg

Tamara Kerr

Project Director
Yara Farran.jpg

Yara Farran

Strategic Communications Advisor, Canada
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