Whether individuals, organizations, or leaders seek to reshape, build trust among diverse stakeholders, or activate a cultural shift, the best outcomes emerge from taking in the widest range of viewpoints.

We create tools that leverage the richness and complexity of human interaction, intergrating collaborative design and data science.


Investing into adaptive capacity at the individual, group and systemic levels.


Headshot of Tyl van Toorn
Tyl van Toorn
Co-founder and Group CEO
Headshot of Duncan MacRae
Duncan MacRae
President and Co-founder
Headshot of Bobby Ahluwalia
Bobby Ahluwalia
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Coeuraj Capital
Headshot of Amanda Mynott
Amanda Mynott
Chief of Operations
Headshot of Heather Lejeune
Heather Lejeune
Design Lead
Headshot of Jacqueline Wong
Jacqueline Wong
Director of Corporate Services
Headshot of Emma Pickering
Emma Pickering
Sr. Executive Assistant
Headshot of Elena Dudarenko
Elena Dudarenko
Senior Project Manager
Headshot of Tabatha Soltay
Tabatha Soltay
Design Lead
644613898a8f424f1a66960a_Photo - Stephanie Riha.jpg
Stephanie Riha
Headshot of Karli Ferriolo
Kian Ferriolo
Research Analyst
Headshot of Dani Prapavessis
Dani Prapavessis
Design Lead
Emily Nordemann headshot
Emily Nordemann
Project Manager
Michael Barone
Research Data Scientist
Headshot of Hanna Komadina
Hannah Komadina
Experience Manager