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Redefining the Iconic Cowichan Sweater Business 

Victoria Native Friendship Centre and Ecologyst
In 2021, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and Ecologyst, a Vancouver Island apparel company, came together with the goal of redefining the genuine Cowichan sweater business and supporting local Indigenous knitters.
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Reimagining Canada’s Financial Services Sector Through Indigenous Reconciliation Action Planning

TMX Group
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Advancing Indigenous Research Through Systems Mapping & Resource Creation

Indigenous Institutes Consortium
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Coeuraj was able to take on the most important and culturally sensitive facilitation process that I have ever gone through in my 18 years with the BC Public Service. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to achieve our goal of getting to a solution that was both practical and sensitive to our partners and stakeholders’ diverse needs. I am grateful to work with such highly principled and skilled professionals.
—Stephanie Melvin, Executive Director, Justice Services Branch, Ministry of Justice
CELA immediately used Coeuraj’s recommendations to shape plans for increased Indigenous engagement and leadership within the Healthy Great Lakes program and has successfully secured renewed funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to further this work. CELA is also in a better position to crystallize and articulate our work on Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in the geographies where CELA provides legal services.
—Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director, CELA
Coeuraj supported our team to co-create a model that would collect meaningful and actionable feedback regarding the experience people have entering our hospital. This included capturing the experience of those that work in the front end of the hospital. Coeuraj was able to develop and implement appropriate means to engage employee teams and the geographic community in a productive, creative and culturally responsive manner. The recommendations from this report are already providing the guidance we need to improve the experience of health seekers!
—Tracy Muggli, Executive Director, St. Paul's Hospital
Coeuraj took our team through a large, unprecedented and highly efficient co-design strategic discovery process, something which most have not experienced before. Many of the strategic shifts we are pursuing in our division today are the direct result of working with Coeuraj.
—Christian Kittleson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Province of British Columbia
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Coeuraj at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s 2022 Annual Conference and was impressed by their commitment to designing for learning, and to warmly welcome me as be part of their PDAC event. In the world of law the ability to navigate and solve complex legal matters through collaboration and innovation is the norm. Being able to create healthy boundaries for conversations that elicit diverse viewpoints, without flattening the nuance of a topic, is a dedicated skill. And this is where Coeuraj shine. Coeuraj’s facilitation design is centred on eliciting knowledge and curiosity from participants. It was refreshing to see an organization thinking about how a conference event can be collaborative exercise between the audience and panelists.
—Sharon G. K. Singh, Partner, Co-Head of Aboriginal Law, Bennett Jones LLP
Coeuraj has helped to make this transformation an exciting, unifying journey across the organization. They are at the leading edge of modern organizational thinking and their commitment to their customer organizations is second to none.
—Jyrki Rosenberg, VP Entertainment, Microsoft