Report: Attitudes and Actions Towards Sustainability and the Environment

Written by 
Coeuraj Insight
July 2022

Climate change is driving a new era of consumer, one increasingly interested in a relationship with companies that design solutions to our global challenges.

In Coeuraj’s latest report, Attitudes and Actions towards Sustainability and the Environment, consumers were surveyed for their thoughts on growing climate challenges, how they’re changing their own actions, and what they expect from the businesses they engage with.

“The general public is rapidly gaining a deeper understanding of the impacts and challenges of climate change,” said Ryan Eller, Head of Strategic Partnerships. “This report underscores that more than ever, consumers are prioritizing sustainable practices in their actions and purchasing decisions. They’ve also become extremely critical of the businesses they choose to support at all levels; considering everything from production processes, to the decisions made in boardrooms.”

As organizations create new solutions to the climate crisis, how they incorporate consumers into their strategic planning will dictate the value they’re able to provide.

“Knowing that consumers value sustainability in goods and services provides many growth opportunities for organizations, said Tabatha Soltay, Design Lead. “But meaningfully delivering on this can be hard, and consumers are quick to callout companies they feel are ‘green-washing’ their efforts. How businesses strategically plan has never been more critical.”

Coeuraj is committed to helping organizations and communities develop action plans that will create the most positive impact for the environment. Using tools such as strategic foresight and co-design, our process engages stakeholders of all perspectives through a journey to co-create solutions to complex problems. The result: a new way forward to approaching shared global challenges.

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