Field Notes

What's in a Name?

Written by 
Tyl van Toorn
September 2021

So, why Coeuraj?

I would be lying if I said arriving at the name Coeuraj involved a deeply emotional journey of truth-finding and reflection.

Let’s be clear, it’s not a word. Coeuraj is not a word…yet.

Can Coeuraj be likened to courage? Sure. This organization is founded on some hard-earned values, and maintaining our integrity when it matters most is foundational to our story.

Does the French word coeur have something to do with it? Most definitely. This is not an organization that attracts people who seek self-aggrandizement or material benefit. Our manifesto has been the most powerful appeal for the amazing people who have made the decision to join us.

The single most important aspect of this name, however, is the odd assembly of letters that guarantee it has no meaning at all. Coeuraj is not a word…yet. Most words come with baggage, and finding new meaning in them can be hard.

While I hesitate to call anything we’re doing original, we still haven’t found anyone doing it quite like us.

We need a word that captures the story as it unfolds.

What’s in a name? All in good time.

Tyl van Toorn, CEO