Case Study

Charting Global Alignment for a Sustainable Future

September 2021

Identify obstacles to the goals outlined in the UN's 2015 Action Agenda for Sustainable Development and meet growing expectations for stronger collaboration and inclusivity in how financing for development opportunities are identified and weighed by the international community.


Facilitated participatory dialogue between national and multilateral stakeholders designed to encourage higher levels of honesty and transparency about what was not working, and build consensus on a set of priorities.


Successful alignment of stakeholders on core priority areas and a prepared call to action to be presented at the 74th United Nations General Assembly.


In April 2019, Coeuraj facilitated the United Nations General Assembly’s High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development in New York City.

Financing for Development (FfD) is the United Nation's global financing framework aimed at delivering the economic resources needed to equip developing nations with sustainable options as they mark their paths forward, in pursuit of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs have played a major role in aligning governments, businesses, and organizations toward a sustainable vision of the future. Born out of the 2000 Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs are the UN’s global ambition to tackle climate change through a reinforced commitment to support developing nations grow with and into high standards of human rights and environmentally sustainable practices.

While the SDGs have become a north star for many who have integrated the goals and the larger trends they represent as priorities, UN member states are tasked with seeing these goals to fruition through their own multilateral efforts and financing mechanisms.

Coeuraj designed and delivered collaborative processes that enabled a diverse group of highly influential people to meet, discuss shared ambitions around seven priority areas, unpack existing barriers, and outline the actions they understood to be determinants of progress.

Coeuraj was approached by FfD Co-Facilitators, Marc-André Blanchard (PR, Canada) and Martha Pobee (PR, Ghana) for this work and continues to facilitate similarly influential dialogues within international and UN forums.