Case Study

The Future of Public Broadcasting

September 2021

Define their offerings and market orientation as Public Broadcasters in a time when new digital platforms were disrupting where and how people consumed media.


Designed a series of design dialogues that focused on international collaboration across public broadcasters.


BBC, NPR, and CBC agree to enter into a wide-ranging, long-term partnership in a shared effort to increase their influence within the global media industry.


As new digital media platforms continually disrupt where consumers access content, public broadcasters have increasingly struggled to define their offering and market orientation. They have to navigate between their mandate as a public service and the expectations from funders that they remain competitive in the commercial broadcasting space.

Spearheaded by executives from BBC, CBC, and NPR, Coeuraj led a series of design dialogues on international collaboration across public broadcasters. The forum focused on adopting new values, identifying a common purpose, and defining strategies to engage broader stakeholder groups.

As a result of these dialogues, BBC, NPR, and CBC agreed to enter into a long-term partnership to serve audiences and artists across platforms, find efficiencies and grow revenues, and have more decisive influence and impact in the global media industry.

[Coeuraj] custom-designed a creative and invigorating process to help us meet our specific objectives. They helped us bring a diverse group of people together, break out of our conventional thinking, find common ground, and define strong, highly actionable ideas.

—Chris Boyce, Executive Director, CBC Radio