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Shifting from Interdependence to Independence Within A Rapidly Evolving Industry

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Nokia Music was a business unit inside of Nokia delivering globally competitive content streaming services. Nokia Music’s services were captive to Nokia devices and software platforms used by Nokia, while competing digital music services such as Spotify and Pandora were platform agnostic and available on iOS and Android platforms and devices. Nokia Music was facing the inevitability that Nokia was going to lose the platform race with IOS and Android. The unit’s leadership came to the conclusion that an independent strategy for the digital music business was the only pathway to success.

Coeuraj designed a phased approach that would allow Nokia Music to redefine itself and develop strategies for success as an independent businees unit. We held strategy sessions to prepare the organization to live inside Nokia, as its own brand with its own identity and business model.

To ready the organization to operate as an independent company, the team collaboratively framed a distinct set of corporate values and strategic principles. A new plan was created covering all aspects of the business: strategy, brand, product roadmap, technology strategy, as well as an independent entrepreneurial culture.

Out of this work, the Mix Radio brand was born. Newly created Mix Radio business was sold to Microsoft Corporation. A strategy session with the whole Mix Radio X Microsoft team provided direction, energy, and excitement about the future plan, and fostered alignment and commitment at a time of significant change. Shortly after, Japan’s Line Corporation acquired Mix Radio, the desired outcome for Microsoft and the MixRadio team.

[Coeuraj] has helped to make this transformation an exciting, unifying journey across the organization. They are at the leading edge of modern organizational thinking and their commitment to their customer organizations is second to none.

— Jyrki Rosenberg, VP Entertainment, Microsoft

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